Finding a job remains one of the daunting challenges every college graduate has to grapple with. In Ghana for instance, 48 per cent of college graduates are without jobs. It is a similar trend with other African economies. But there’s definitely a way out! Here are some things you can do.

⦁ Blogging

Blogging remains one of the best and surest way(s) of making good money. Blogging gives you the chance to make known your ideas and plans mainly through a free mini-website. Heard of Linda Ikeji of Nigeria or Ameyaw Debrah of Ghana? These young entrepreneurs started their journey through the art of selling their ideas and news items on blogs. To get your blog started you may need nothing (no capital) but just an idea of what exactly you wish to do.

⦁ Investments

It is no denying the fact that whenever the word “investment” is mentioned, most of us graduates cringe with disbelief as we wonder; “why the question when in fact I am jobless”. But come to think of it, all the funds you did or do have from our National Service allowances and even your savings could be diverted to investments. The best avenues to save your funds are treasury bills, shares or even investment accounts. By this, you could apply the “Buffet rule” by just sitting home and making your money work for you.

⦁ Being a home tutor

Parents these days barely have the time for their children but want the best for them anyway. You as a graduate come into this picture by taking advantage of this need. All you need to have is a practicable network that links you to best and suitable partners or parents. You need to have an appealing online presence and passionate heart. Most home tutors make a living part time and this could be your best way to financial freedom.

Being unemployed is a state of mind. The choice is ALWAYS yours to make. The best thing you need to do is to think outside the box and maximize your potential.