To be very honest, a vacation in Ghana with $10,000 is plenty of good fortune. For even the spendthrift, it might be far too much to spend in Ghana. That same amount will be gone in the twinkle of an eye in a place like Dubai.

Here in Ghana, the tourism industry alone provides over 200,000 jobs in the country and a whopping $1.1billion to the economy, accounting for about 4% of Ghana’s GDP. That alone should tell you that, with the ticket to Ghana, you are on your way to the ultimate vacation destination. Really, the figures leave you wondering why so many people visit Ghana as tourists and why so much is made from this industry.


But if you ever hit the jackpot or get a heaven-sent vacation sponsorship, what will your calendar and activity list look like with a whole month leave, $10,000 and a ticket for a dream Ghana vacation? My guts tell me that, your idea list will look something like the one below.


Undoubtedly, the destinations and tourist attractions are the spiciest part of the fairytale vacation in Ghana. Moreover, in Ghana, these attractions are coated with sufficient history, culture, art and nature.

The historical tourist sites in Ghana are another kind of attractions that are worth every bit of your time. You might have heard of the great Ashanti Kingdom. Yet, the stories of their prowess and courage are so epic and will keep you edgy when being told by the natives. If you are a history fanatic, you will itch to be part of such tours.  Surely, with the jackpot money, going home with coveted souvenirs and artefacts are as good as done.

Until you experience the Mole National Park, the Paga Crocodile Pond, the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary or the Lake Volta, you may be missing out big time on what nature is. By the way, it will be a remarkable visit because by seeing the Lake Volta, you will be seeing the largest man-made lake in the World. Yes, the whole world! At the Mole National Park, you will be visiting one of the largest natural game reserves in West Africa. And you will have seen the highest waterfall in West Africa when you experience the Wli Falls in the Volta Region of Ghana for yourself.


As if those are not enough to look forward to, the beaches in Ghana are the signatures that cap this wonderful coastal country. These are not human-engineered luxuries; many more will outclass these Ghana ones. But these are natural attractions where you are not yourself when you are around them. After all these, a significant chunk of your vacation ‘banger’ money will still be intact. Isn’t that lovely?


With the hefty budget to spend comes the ‘king’ and ‘queen’ statuses and the castle-equivalent hotels to match. All of a sudden, the luxury, elegant 4 and 5-star hotels in Ghana sound like the ultimate homes in sub-Saharan Africa that you never had but are now in touching distance. Trust me when I say that my maven selection of beach hotels and beach resorts in Ghana is the best you can get.


Actually, if I am the jackpot winner, the most of the money will be spent at the finest resorts in Ghana. I will satisfactorily feel them, enough to compile my own list of the best beach resorts in Ghana.  This is because the Aqua Safari Beach Resort, the Labadi Beach Hotel, the Abuesi Beach Resort, the Axim Beach Resort and Hotel and many more of the Ghana beach resorts have some appealing pull on hearts and minds.

Good Food

“Good things come to those who have the money”. The source of the saying is anonymous; his/her idea, you will agree with. In Ghana, food is not a problem. What might be an issue is getting the tastiest and palatable meals for a full month.

Nevertheless, if you are as food friendly as myself, we bless God richly for all farmers, cooks and food joints in Ghana. Verily, verily, I say unto the top restaurants, we shall be friends for a full month. Whereas, popular food joints like Auntie Muni, Agba mame, Kenkey Boutique and Heavy-Do will cater for your Sunday special local cuisines, your lunch during the week will be a feast; a buffet at one of the plush 4-star hotel Restaurants in Accra, Akosombo, Ada or Takoradi.


This will be about $30.00 for a day and deeply satisfying too. 4-star hotels in Accra like the Holiday Inn Accra, Best Western Premier Accra Airport and Alisa Hotel Accra have other special packages attached to these buffet options. Many others also present mouth-watering dinner packages to compliment their breakfast and lunch meals.

Local Fashion

The price of the Batakari and Fugu is hospitably priced. The Kente cloth is not your everyday cloth so you will not get it for at an everyday price. Batik, Tye and Dye, Jolomi and Kaftan are though less costly, endear most tourists especially foreigner to acquire them and enrich their clothing with local fashion. Then, there are beads. Beads of different sizes, shapes and colours quality are all over the market. Nonetheless, the best ones stand out in quality and in price.


However, these won’t depreciate the jackpot money that much. Every tourist will look local at which. And the amazing thing is that local fashion needs no fashion

So some pleasant destinations and tourist attractions in Ghana, luxury hotels and beach resorts to relax in, sumptuous food to satisfy you and local fashion t bring out the class and beauty in you all with $10,000, one month vacation leave and a flight to Ghana. Dreams really do come to pass. I believe, I believe, I believe…So help me God!

Credit: Kofi Baiden, Jumia Travel