After all the hustling during the week, it is only fair to blow off some steam on a Friday night. Depending on your style you can either go sweat the stress of in a club or just enjoy a quiet night with the squad at a lounge or bar with soft music and a serene atmosphere. I caught up with one of Ghana’s finest radio and club djs SheldonTheTurnup to help me choose five of the hottest places in Accra to go on a Friday night.

Here are Sheldon’s pick for the best places to visit on a Friday night;

1. Carbon:

It is difficult to choose between carbon and Twist since they both offer almost the same amount of fun. However carbon is more spacious and also offers three types of fun for the night. Carbon has the club area with all the noise and craziness which leads into a quieter lounge (BoomBoom lounge) for those who just want to sit, chat and drink and finally an open garden with natural air, plants, swing chairs, shisha and a grill. Come to Carbon on a Friday night and resident Djs, Dj Virusky, Dj Sam and Sheldon will keep you dancing all night with tunes from all your favourite artistes. Witness breath-taking performances from pyro dancers, strippers and cultural performances which will leave you wanting more.   Whatever kind of fun you want to have on a Friday night, carbon, which is located on the second floor of the Icon House, liberation road is definitely the place to be.

2. Level 8:

Located on the 8th floor of the Airport Square Building in Accra, Level 8 is an executive lounge for corporate men and women who want a chill place to unwind. The ambience of the place shows the class and kind of people you are likely to meet there. The setting allows for total relaxation with low lights and low music in the background which creates the perfect atmosphere for conversation and networking among patrons. Pop in to level 8 and you are sure to meet big industry players sharing a laugh over some cocktails and card games.

3. Purple Pub:

If you haven’t heard of purple pub, then maybe you really shouldn’t be reading this article. Purple pub is the place to go on a Friday night. Located in the heart of Osu, purple offers great outdoor entertainment for all. A night out at Purple Pub is a mini street carnival to be honest with the party extending all the way to the main roads. Purple boasts of good music from Djs Lord, Mingle and Bass, affordable food as well as drinks. Their famous yam and chicken wings just dey bee and of course don’t leave without trying their signature cocktail “Five fingers.” This Friday we dey streetz!!

4. Kona Café & Grill:

This place is popular among working class Ghanaians. If you want to chill in a closed area without necessarily going to the club, Kona is the place to be. Kona Cafe & Grill is on the Oxford Street just after the Goil filling station coming from Osu Danquah Circle. A Friday night at Kona promises a lot of fun with live band music or dj setups playing all the latest hits for your listening pleasure. The impressive use of wood crates adds to the creativity and style of the place. Signature drinks at Kona include “Jackie Chan”, “tsetsefly”, “slow down” and “spoil there”. As for the meat, Sheldon recommended “bones” which is kind of a secret that only true Kona lovers know about. Try it and let us know what you think.

5. Plot 7:

Plot 7 gets its name from its location. Situated in Nyaniba estates, Plot 7 at Osu, This warehouse turned club provides more variety to the clubbing scene in Accra. Plot 7 is known for its expatriate crowd but still provides good music and drinks anybody at all can enjoy.

There are other notable places we can just not complete this article without mentioning. Republik, Twist, Venus, Afrikiko, Onyx, +233 jazz bar and grill, Monte carlo in Tema, Vienna City and Italian Boy in Nungua are some places you can visit as well.

Sheldon in his final statements stated that night life is not all party, booze and sex but also a good way to release stress, network and do important business. “Talking over alcohol brings out a lot of honesty in people so it is a very good time to do business while having fun”. Where will you be this Friday? Let us know. Turn Up!!!