Hip hip hip…hooorayyy!!! You are 25 and all of a sudden the beginning sentence feels so childish and unnecessary. This is the time where reality sets in for most young adults. You are too old to be feeding off mummy and daddy but you are too young to stand completely on your own depending on what kind of work you do….if you have any at all.


25 is also that age where you have acquired enough skills to face the harsh realities of life. I consider this the “make or break” year because this year marks the beginning of the rest of your life as an adult.

Here is my pick on 5 skills you need to learn by the age of 25 to be a successful adult.

1. Learn how to negotiate:

Whether it is buying tomatoes at the market or negotiating a deal for your company, everyone at the age of 25 should be able to negotiate to get the best deals available. Your negotiation skills directly affects your business and your finances because your ability to negotiate with your bosses, investors, customers and colleagues determines whether your career or your business flies high or falls flat. There are several books that can teach you to be a powerful negotiator and luckily google is only a click away so seize that opportunity and learn!

2. Learn how to code:

Don’t be scared, I am not asking you to learn how to write codes to develop websites or mobile apps at 25. Just kidding that is exactly what i am asking you to do! The world is fast changing and technology is taking over everything. From our homes to work places to places of worship, technology is used to do almost everything that humans used to do a few years ago so it will be in your best interest to know a thing or two about how computers work, how to use the most common software like Microsoft office and most importantly how to write codes. There are several programming languages available to choose from such as java, c++, PHP, Python and many others.  If you think writing codes is too difficult for you, dont worry because there is a way out. Content management systems (CMS) are available. A few CMS are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Find out what they are and choose the most suitable one for you.If you ever needed a reason to learn how to code, remember that five out of ten of the richest people in the world are programmers or are in the IT field!

3. Learn the art of public speaking:

This one is a bit difficult for the shy ones. Standing in front of crowd to speak has always been a herculean task for a lot of people, even me, the writer of this article. I remember losing a prefectorial position in school because I could not speak in front of the other students and I know a lot of people have missed several opportunities because of this fear. Unfortunately, public speaking is something nobody can run away from. At 25 there will surely be an occasion that will require you to speak infront of a large crowd and the only way to nail this is by learning the art of public speaking. Luckily this art is not for a special group of people, anyone at all can do it if they are ready to make an effort. There are several books on this topic too. Feel free to read as many as you can and become a master public speaker.

4. Learn how to invest:

“Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.” – Paul Clitheroe. The greatest investment anyone can make at the age of 25 is to invest in themselves. This is the best time to improve on yourself. You should read more books and ask questions, exercise often, eat well, surround yourself with more positive friends. Also this is the best time to save money and invest the money you have. If you are not too sure on what to and how to invest, you can talk to experts or read books on the subject.

5. Learn how to dress for the occasion:

Have you ever worn jeans and t-shirt to a suit and tie party? That’s is how bad you look when you don’t know how to pick the right clothes for occasions. At 25 you should start building your image and your brand and so your choice of clothes speaks volumes about you. Know when to wear what and which colours to wear. If you have a hard time trying to pick the right clothes, I would suggest finding help on google or YouTube.