“Brands are like shoes, they come in sizes and styles; one size and style doesn’t fit everyone.” Here are 10 tips for your personal brand’s social media success by Benard Kelvin Clive.

Personal branding and social media has become a buzz word in this age, the question is, how do we use social media as a channel for effective brand management and promotion?
Today, I will share just some few tips on how to effectively use social media to boost your personal brand.
In a noisy digitally connected world it’s those who constantly imprint their brands on the minds of their audience who stand out. Now, let me share with you some quick tips to deliberate on and apply to help your personal brand on social media thrive; to stay top-of-mind.

1. Define your brand and niche; your target

This is the single most important thing to do before you get on social media, to define what your brand is and exactly who you are trying to reach. That will inform you on the best platform to use and the best social media strategy that will work best for you.

2. Don’t do that which is popular do that which is purposeful

It’s easy to go with the flow and follow the masses on what they do on social media with their brands, however, if you do that which is popular and not purposeful, your brand will be adversely affected. Doing that which is purposeful implies that you do what will enhance your brand and what your target audience will need and want.

3. Choose the best platform for you; don’t just be everywhere

When you clearly define who your target market is, it becomes easier selecting social media channels that fit them, instead of trying to be on every social media platform –FOCUS! i.e. if you are reaching out to millennials, who like to have fun, one of such platforms will be using Snapchat.

4. While others are broadcasting daily, be listening

Social media can be very noisy with lots of information pushed out daily, to stay on top of the game do the opposite – take the time to read, watch and listen to the real needs of people and provide tailored made solutions for them. In doing so, you will draw their attention to your brand.

5. Focus on building a tribe not just followers/fans

It’s easy to fall into the vanity metrics zone – craving for likes, fans and followers, as much as they are important, the best thing to do for your brand is to build a tribe; an army of dedicated people that love your brand and actively promote it.

6. Stick to your values – be true to yourself and your audience

Whatever values you have, do hold them in high esteem, don’t say one thing and do the other. People are discerning and they will find out if you are not trustworthy.

7. Craft a social media strategy then share valuable contents that will help your audience

Your social media strategy will be your roadmap to success online, without it, you will only be throwing arrows without hitting any target. It’s your brand’s blueprint on social media.

8. Note: ‘Without differentiation you have no brand’ – Always find ways to differentiate

How different are you from your competitors online? That is a question you should be asking daily and finding unique ways to ensure that your brand stands out from the others.

9. Avoid unnecessary comparisons and competition

There are and there will be competition online, as much as there is healthy competition to engage in, there are some which are not worth your sweat. You’d have to learn to pick the ones worth engaging in, and stay clear off the others.

10. Use Visual Contents (Images, Videos), it’s a smart way to drive your brand

If you are going to use visuals, then invest in quality images and videos, don’t just push mediocre visuals out there.

Remember to make your brand memorable. Give your audience the best of you to remember.
Now, go make it happen!